Meilin International Law Firm


If you think you are dealing with a pressing legal problem, it is useful to promptly consult a lawyer who can help you understand your situation and address the legal risks involved, if any. Early legal consultation is very effective in preventing or minimizing harm or injury arising from legal issues.

For individuals: 5,000 yen per 30 minutes For corporations/other juridical entities: 10,000 yen per 30 minutes
35,000 yen (excluding taxes)/per hour

We will provide our services based on the time charges stated above. Specific charges will be estimated individually according to the type of services. Please feel free to contact us to discuss a cap on total legal fees, or a limit on the scope of our legal services.

Monthly advisory fees(excluding taxes),Standard hours per month,Additional costs per hour (excluding taxes)

A Retainer Agreement is a service that allows you to enquire about a variety of matters and receive legal services on a daily basis. When you make a Retainer Agreement with us, we will respond promptly to your requests, prevent problems in advance, and help you to establish more efficient and stable management. Items included in our Retainer Agreement are listed on Table 1, and include the following services: (i) legal advice; (ii) checking and drafting of contracts (English and Chinese languages available, in addition to Japanese); (iii) preparation of responses to counterproposals from a counter-party; (iv) preparation of other types of documents; (v) response to various types of inquiries; and (vi) attendance in meetings. Please also see Table 2 for optional services which are not be covered by a Retainer Agreement.

Upon concluding a Retainer Agreement, we will make effort to grasp the actual state of your company and respond to your requests proactively with consideration of your company’s current circumstances, or provide strategic proposals based on your management strategy.

Our Standard Plan includes seven hours a month for a retainer fee of 100,000 yen (excluding taxes), and additional charges of 24,000 yen per hour (excluding taxes) after the initial seven hours. Moreover, legal fees for optional services stipulated in Table 2 will be reduced for clients who have concluded a Retainer Agreement.

We also offer a Simplified Plan for clients who need a smaller volume of services, which includes three hours a month for a retainer fee of 50,000 (excluding taxes) and additional charges of 29,000 yen per hour (excluding taxes) after the initial three hours. The term of a Retainer Agreement is one year. Thus, it is possible to change from a Standard Plan to a Simplified Plan, or vice versa, for a subsequent year based on the actual annual service hours.

Table 1: Advisory Services
Legal advice Consultation regarding business and management Review and checking of contracts, memorandums, and other documents Creation of internal documents or other documents for performance of services (excluding documents written in the name of a lawyer) Investigation of laws and regulations Proposals and suggestions on business activities Creation of written contracts and other types of documents Negotiation for execution of contracts or attending negotiation Advice on response to a complaint and claim Control of accounts receivable, and other receivables Structure of internal regulations, personnel and labor relations systems, salary system, etc. Take measures against a labor-union Response to industrial accidents, other types of incidents (excluding representation services) Structure of internal control and compliance program Listing of stock on a stock market Response to tax investigation, administrative inspection, etc. Attend board of directors, other internal meetings, etc. Support for business expansion and business alliances Support for finance-related issues Support for overseas transactions and overseas business development Structure of intellectual property policy and management of intellectual property Support for business succession and corporate reorganization Management reorganization Other services which do not require representation services
(Table 2: Optional Services)
Creation of documents in the name of a lawyer (including opinion letter, written statement, etc.) Response to claims/complaints directly Providing free-of-charge legal advice for employees (Employee Assistance Programs) Response to industrial accidents or other types of incidents Seminars, lectures, etc. Writing manuscript for company magazines, publications, etc. Response to litigation, negotiations, and various types of disputes Response to crisis management, media-related issues, scandals, etc. Business liquidation and legal liquidation proceedings Other legal services based on request

If you are interested in incorporating a company in Japan, we can help you with all necessary procedures. Fees will vary according to the capital amount, purpose of the company, and other factors, so please contact us for an estimate. We will assess the applicable fees case by case.