Meilin International Law Firm

IP Prosecution

We will not merely undertake filing procedures, but will aggressively propose and advise about methods to produce strong rights that are truly useful to management and business development from a strategic point of view, and which utilize the strengths of the attorney and patent agent qualifications of our firm, in order to obtain intellectual property rights that are beneficial to business activities.

Practice Areas

This Section provides broad range cross practice legal services relating to the business of entities and individuals, regardless of the form of management and size of business.
International Section
This Section provides comprehensive legal services for entry into and transactions with foreign markets, concentrating on Asia, Australia, and Europe and the Americas.
Intellectual Property Section
This Section provides comprehensive legal services relating to intellectual property rights, including strategic planning for intellectual property, and supporting services for utilization of and contracts for intellectual property.
Individual Legal Services Section
This Section provides timely services for legal issues faced by an individual during daily life, under a team approach that utilizes the broad experience and specialist knowledge of our members.