Our experienced attorneys will commit and strive to solve the various legal issues that you encounter in your daily life.

Our experienced lawyers will respond swiftly to a variety of legal needs in daily life. We will grasp our clients’ situation, consider and propose the best solutions and fully support the clients.

  • 01

    Inheritance and Will


    • Our experienced lawyers handle appropriately the requests regarding wills and inheritance.
      We build plans carefully based on our client’s wishes and suggest the best and efficient measures that will fulfill client’s last will and/or inheritance plan to avoid any unnecessary trouble among the bereaved family members.

      For heirs, we provide legal services concerning the division of estates, bequests, distributive share reducing requests, renunciation of inheritance, necessary negotiations and legal proceedings.
      To provide our clients with the best solution to their estate and inheritance concerns, we work with reliable judicial scriveners and tax accountants.

      • Drafting a will
      • Support for inter vivos gifts and disposition of estates
      • Establishment of a trust to manage estates after death
      • Management of assets
      • Execution of will
      • Division of estates
      • Renunciation of inheritance and qualified acceptance
      • Response to requests on legally secured portion
  • 02

    Wealth Management


    • We offer legal support to the elderly and senior citizens in preparation for potential issues arising out of impairment in decision making and physical disability in the future.

      We give advice regarding the management of properties, make necessary arrangements with medical and other similar institutions, liaise with public agencies and represent elderly clients in actions and negotiations concerning their health and wealth.

      Our lawyers also provide legal advice regarding the voluntary guardianship, curatorship or assistance for adults or the elderly to protect their assets and legal status.

      • Asset management
      • Agreements of guardianship for an elderly
      • Any procedures regarding guardian, curator and assistant
      • Acting as a guardian, curator or assistant
      • Representation in making arrangements with institutions
  • 03

    Traffic Accident


    • We help clients avoid getting unfair traffic accident settlements.

      Being involved in a traffic accident is traumatic and economically damaging. Trying to negotiate with the parties at fault and insurance companies for an injury claim will cause an additional stress.
      Our experienced lawyers represent our clients and provide assistance on how to recover favorable compensation both at trial and outside the court. The assistance includes negotiations with the parties at fault or insurance companies and making claims to continue medical treatments which are sometimes terminated unreasonably. We work to ensure a correct judgement of share of liability or residual disability rating by communicating with doctors.

      If a special provision of attorney fee coverage is included as a part of car insurance policy, most of the legal expenses are covered in such cases.

      In cases where a client has caused an accident or is charged with a crime as a result of an accident, we also provide support to client in handling victims appropriately.

      • Claim for damages to insurance companies or parties at fault
      • Application for residual disability rating certificate
      • Response to victims injured at a traffic accident caused by our clients
      • Handling of criminal cases caused by traffic accidents
  • 04

    Divorce and other Family Law


    • We assist clients with respect to claims in divorce settlements, and give advice on prevention or resolution of other legal issues between married couples.

      Clients of our firm have the option of requesting for a male or female lawyer who will handle their case. Clients have freedom to select, not only litigation but any other method best suitable for resolving the situation. We make sure to accommodate the particular needs of each client in any manner we can.

      • Divorce and marital relationships
      • Response to a broken engagement or de facto relationship
      • Claims for compensation, child support, appointment of parental authority, and distribution of properties
  • 05

    Parent-Child Relationship


    • We provide legal services regarding adoption, appointment of a person with parental authority, affiliation and confirmation of parent-child relationship.

      Problems in the parent-child relationship often involves more complex issues than just the financial ones. Our lawyers carefully handle these cases and help resolve our clients’ issues.

      • Adoption and dissolution of adoption
      • Parental authority and child custody
      • Child visitation arrangement
      • Affiliation
      • Confirmation of parentage
  • 06

    Real Estate and Construction-related Disputes


    • Our lawyers provide legal services regarding research, negotiation and resolution of issues related to purchase, sales and construction of real estate, issues related to land procurement or expropriation and defect buildings. We work to solve technical issues together with other professionals such as registered architects and land and house investigators, if necessary.

      • Claims against defective apartments or houses
      • Property sales/purchase agreements or its termination, and related matters
      • Property Lease agreements or its termination, and related matters
      • Border disputes
      • Disputes with neighbors including insolation problems
      • Coordination of rights regarding co-ownership of property
      • Rights related to properties, including ownership, lease, superficies and easement
      • Support for apartment owners’ associations
      • Response to disputes regarding apartment owners’ associations
  • 07

    Debt-related Disputes


    • There are various remedies available for those whose debts become excessive and who are unable to repay, as a result of loans or being a guarantor.

      We assist clients on finding the best possible way to resolve such disputes involving unpaid debts quickly and cost-effectively by presenting various alternatives that suit the clients’ situation.

      • Filing for bankruptcy
      • Application for individual rehabilitation
      • Petition for special arbitration
      • Planning and implementation for Voluntary liquidation
      • Request for refund of overpayments
      • Response to creditors and principal debtors on behalf of a guarantor
      • Response to issues regarding collateral and mortgage etc.
  • 08

    Consumer Law


    • We provide comprehensive legal services to help resolve consumer-related issues arising out of various contracts and juristic acts in daily life. Our lawyers keep up with the recent consumer-related cases and respond promptly to support our clients in overcoming their worries in daily life.

      • Claims regarding defective merchandise
      • Cooling-off notice
      • Response to dishonest business
      • Product liability claims
      • Recovery of damages from futures trading
      • Recovery of damages from deceptive investment agreement and network marketing business
  • 09

    Labor and Employment


    • We offer comprehensive advice on labor laws and management-labor relations. In resolving labor issues such as illegal dismissal, unpaid overtime, industrial accidents, and unlawful salary deductions, we negotiate with employers and carry out necessary actions/procedures in/under labor tribunals and litigation.

      • Claims for unpaid salary, allowance and severance pay
      • Filing complaints for dismissal or unfair termination
      • Response to sexual harassment and other harassment cases
      • Response to job displacement and change of working conditions
      • Negotiation for appropriate working hours
      • Assistance related to retirement age and continued employment system
  • 10

    Workers’ Compensation


    • We represent clients in seeking approval for industrial accidents and claiming for workers’ compensation in cases of work-related injuries and illness. Well prepared approach is important to ensure that our clients get fair and reasonable settlements under workers’ compensation and residual disability.

      Based on the clients’ needs, our lawyers make sure to provide appropriate support in close liaison with doctors.

      • Application for approval of industrial accident claims
      • Negotiation with employers on workers’ compensation
      • Application for approval of residual disability level
      • Representation in proceedings regarding compensation claims
  • 11

    Insurance claim


    Many people are covered by various types of insurance (automobile insurance, fire insurance, home insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, etc.) as a precaution, but insurance companies sometimes refuse the payment of insurance money or reduce the amount to be paid out to claimants, compared to the amount initially informed.

    In addition, many people experience difficulties in filing for insurance claims because of its complex nature.

    Our experienced lawyers assist clients in filing insurance claims by carefully reviewing the details of policy conditions, conducting research on related issues, and preparing necessary documents.

    We also examine whether the explanation or assessment by the insurance company is correct, prepare appropriate materials for rebuttal, seek payment of legitimate insurance benefits, and conduct negotiations and judicial proceedings with the insurance company as necessary.

  • 12

    Criminal Cases and Juvenile Cases


    • We represent clients in criminal and juvenile delinquency cases using the latest criminal defense techniques and diligence.

      • Defense the arrestee or the accused before prosecution
      • Defense in criminal trial
      • Defense in juvenile criminal cases and delinquency