Legal Fees

Consultation Fees

350 USD / hour(excluding tax)

Our legal fee will be separately estimated.

Retainer Agreement

1.Our Retainer Agreement

Retainer agreement is for the clients who seek our attorney to consult their legal matters as we are retained to them to prevent legal issues in advance and give professional advice for efficient and stable corporate management of the company and for other legal concerns. For litigation cases, our client’s needs to retain us separately from the retainer agreement as needed. In this case, if the client has retainer agreement, we offer discount for the litigation legal service fee.

Not only for each legal consultation, our retainer agreement may be used for business management strategy, business planning, risk management and other business matters as well.

The period of our retainer agreement is one (1) year. The clients can change the plan at the time of renewal.

2.Our Retainer Agreement Plans
❶ Business Law Service Plan

This plan covers legal services widely for the companies. Our client can consider introducing this plan and outsourcing legal issues to us instead of establishing a legal department within their company.

❷ Standard Legal Service Plan

This plan covers general legal services with regard to corporate law for the companies.

❸ Simple Legal Service Plan

This plan is convenient and affordable for companies where need legal consultation and/or minimum legal services for financial budget purpose to deal with legal issues of the company.

Company Incorporation Procedures in Japan

If you are interested in incorporating a company in Japan, we can help you with all necessary procedures. Fees will vary depending on the capital amount, purpose of the company, and other factors, so please contact us for an estimate. We will assess the applicable fees case by case.