Revisions to Unfair Competition Prevention Act/Patent Act, Etc.


Legal Information

In June 2023, there were revisions to the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, the Trademark Act, the Design Act, the Patent Act, the Utility Model Act, and the Act for Special Measures for Industrial Property Rights to undertake a review of the intellectual property system in response to the demands of the present day, including changes in the digitalization of intellectual property and internationalization, in addition to new use of intellectual property by startups and small and medium size companies, etc..
The revisions are expected to go into force within one year.
The primary revisions are as follows:

(1) strengthening of protections for brand design, etc., in light of digitalization and varied use
  ① expansion of registrable trademarks
  ② rationalization of design registration procedures
  ③ prevention of copying in the digital sector
  ④ strengthening of protections for business secrets/limitations on provision

(2) arrangement of intellectual property procedures, etc., in response to digitalization
  ① revision of delivery method
  ② revision to enable digitalization, etc., of documentary procedures
  ③ revision of exemption system for fees